All Saints Anglican Church

Remaining Faithful to Historic Christian Teachings

"...We will travel along the king's highway until we have passed through your territory" Numbers 21:21-23

Welcome to All Saints... (@St. John's)

800 E. Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY 14622
You may park in the back Parking Lot and ENTER through the back Entrance:

    The Sanctuary is two flights up the stairwell (Fellowship Hall on ground level, Bathrooms 1st flight, Sanctuary 2nd flight)
    The Sanctuary and Nave are on the top level and to the right
    WELCOME! and May our Lord bless you deeply as you share this time with us.
    DIRECTIONS to All Saints @ St. John's (MAP link>): 800 E. Ridge Rd., Irondequoit
    from the WEST: take Rt. 104 Take the HUDSON AVE. Exit, Turn LEFT go to SECOND LIGHT (past WALMART), TURN RIGHT onto E. RIDGE ROAD, Turn LEFT into driveway BEFORE the Church and go down to the BACK PARKING LOT Please use Third ROW for parking
    from the EAST: take Rt. 104 Take CARTER ST. Exit, TURN RIGHT and go to LIGHT at E. RIDGE ROAD, TURN LEFT onto E. Ridge Rd. GO PAST the Church and TURN RIGHT into the driveway and go down to the BACK PARKING LOT use 3rd ROW for Parking
All Saints Anglican Church in Irondequoit @ St. John's All Saints Anglican @ 800 E. Ridge Rd.